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If a dime was deposited in a US bank account for every time a man or woman wondered how to last longer in bed, it would be billions of dollars richer by now. That is how commonly asked this question truly is. The reality of the equation is that even men who do not suffer from premature ejaculation on average last fewer than ten minutes post penetration.

For women, this often negates their own climax, as the man is struggling nearly the entire time with how to last longer in the bed, and therefore unable to even enjoy sex or focus on the female climax. While this is a calamity that many couples – particularly the female partner – must endure, it does not negate that there are viable solutions that will help you answer how to last longer in bed.

Easy Tips for How to Last Longer in Bed (To Use on Your Man)
What follows are some leading tips that the ladies can try for how to last longer in bed. You might be shocked at how effective they are once you put them to good use in the bedroom, gals.

First, you need to know when he is getting close to stop the orgasm in its tracks for how to last longer in the bed. Generally, body language is the best method here. Learn his signs of climax, and slow things way down to prevent him from shooting too early.

If you see your man getting too close, stop sex. Give him a minute to cool off, and gently squeeze his penis on the shaft, just below the tip, for about 10-20 seconds. Tell him how hot he feels in your hand and that you just had to feel it again – this will make his ego go through the roof.

Swap out your old condoms for longer lasting, thicker ones. Make sure you slip it on his penis. Put a dab of numbing lube for sex on the inside of the condom at the tip before unrolling it. This will desensitize his penis tip, so he can see how to last longer in the bed, and so that you can finally enjoy longer sex.

Discuss natural supplements for how to last longer in the bed for man. There are other benefits he will love. For example, they increase his seminal volume output, which means he shoots like a porn star (easy deal maker there). They increase his pleasure, and they make his penis larger temporarily. These are all easy ways to sell him on a product that’s designed for how to last longer in bed.

Get a few drinks in your man. The anxiety of premature ejaculation greatly depreciates with inebriation. Simply put: most men last a lot longer when they are buzzed and have had a few drinks.

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